About us

Bustee farmhouse, Gangtok- Sikkim is synonym to a traditional but grand 3 star category farmhouse built in a traditional style and surrounded by lush green jungle/ paddy field and orange garden Located at 16 km away from Gangtok. Spend your time with your soulmate exploring the nature trails and in our tree house with exclusive mini bar. Feel the sense of remote Sikkim with us, without compromising on your luxury taste. Lingdum Monastery is one of the biggest monastery in Sikkim and Rumtek monastery (seat of his Holiness Karmapa, Head of Kagyugsect-Black Hat) is just 30 minute ride from the farmhouse. We offer various sport activities and cultural shows performed by professionals and we serve organic food grown in our own garden. Kitchen and the beverage services is being looked after by Gangtok’s famous restaurant “Allen’s Kitchen.

We try to preserve our lost age old customs and culture by community involvement. We grow our own vegetable, fruits and dairy products, guest can participate and enjoy rice planting and harvesting and other seasonal village activities.

Bustee offer vedic yoga, meditation which includes EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique, Acupressure, Self Hypnotism, Bech flower remedy, Basic Ayurvada, Gibber Meditation, Access Consciouness, Water therapy, Laughing therapy, Mind hack, NLP ( neoro linguistic program).

Place where the enigmatic blend of nature and culture is the primary amenity, for those who appreciate nature along with the comforts of life, it's ideal venuue. We can perfectly accommodate family get-together, friends' weekend gateways, work retreats, private pool parties and quality time with your special someone.